Brown Angel "Shutout"

by Sleeping Giant Glossolalia/SGG Records

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Sekator Really well done sludge/noise rock. Has many traces of GOD at times.

The song "Armageddon" is truly hypnotic. Recommended if you're looking for something different, but still pretty damn heavy.

Pair this up with the last Palehorse album and you're in low-end heaven. Favorite track: Armageddon.
Keenan Johnston
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Keenan Johnston Brown Angel return with a crushing new album that discards most of the melodic elements of their previous release and expands on the visceral noise rock and no wave influences they've always featured to great effect. The massive bass continues to be a highlight of their sound, and the various other touches on this album like the saxophone freak-outs in the opening track give it a real sense of anger and unpredictability. Favorite track: Armageddon.



"Shutout" is the new LP by Brown Angel, a post-everything trio from Pittsbvrgh/Ecuador for fans of noise rock raga, teutonic industrial aesthetic, and Hellhammer-grade weaponized dub.

Much has been said of the unique sense of dread and paranoia accompanying Brown Angel's recorded efforts and live show:

"...Nothing can abate that iciness in my spine brought on by Rensland’s ponderous bass foundations (as if his bass lines are crawling to their death), MacGregor’s pestilence-conjuring riffs, Roman’s refractive percussion--the guy practically does to heavy drumming what Escher did to perspective." - Decibel

"Your band is not any fun at all" - someone's dad

They have been called "eminently bleak and seismically heavy" and "sexless, glacial metal punishment"(Doug Mosurock) while the atmosphere they conjure has been compared to that of an abandoned oil tanker.

"Shutout" is the band's most realized album to date and SGG is thrilled to share it with fans of honest, uncompromising, thoughtful music.


released October 28, 2016

Roman: kit
MacGregor: guitar/vox
Rensland: bass gravity sink

Mastered by James Plotkin



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